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The potential for realizing large profits in a relatively short amount of time has caused a rise in the popularity of investing in oil futures.

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Investors who suspect that the stock market may be about to decline can take action to.Investors who suspect that the stock market may be about to decline can take.

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The oil trader leases out a supertanker for up to one year at a.

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If you are looking to trade oil futures contracts, you will be required to open an account with a registered commodities futures dealer.That stills leaves several months though that are likely to be good months for the markets, especially buying on pullbacks into support areas like we are currently seeing.The recent rally was unable to reach those heights and has started to decline once again.How to Invest in Brent Crude. The United States Brent Oil Fund.Based on Figure 2 below, oil has been showing a slight divergence with stocks since hitting a high in May, 2011.

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Oil Trading Academy. the world now has the opportunity to trade like.How to Buy Oil Futures. If you lose money on a trade,. similar to having a margin account with stocks.

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The commodities futures exchanges are the traditional venues for crude oil trading.The pain among oil producers has also been harsh in an otherwise rising stock market.That should mean a continued love affair between the two sectors through to Q4 2012, with both rising (giving investors some love too)—but end badly, with both dying late this year or early 2013—just at slightly different times (think Romeo and Juliet).

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Oil Trading Academy teaching how to turn trading oil futures into your own personal.Commodities and stocks have been moving closely together since the 2008 financial crash.

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Futures trading requires a different account with a different type of broker than your stock trading account.Best Answer: If you want to speculate on oil price, you are better off choosing stocks whose performance is highly correlated with oil prices.Spend some time learning the individual fund objectives to understand how the fund is designed to function.View the basic OIL stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Trade prices are not sourced from all markets.The last few months are especially interesting — Oil has been declining since March and stocks have risen.If you trade using a margin brokerage account, review the margin limits for inverse and leveraged ETFs.Published: Nov 4, 2014 6:00 a.m. ET. Share. Oil stocks to watch:.

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There are at least two ETFs that fit the criteria of each of the four categories.

Billions and billions of dollars trade hands in stock market around the world.

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Similar to the stock market, which involves trading investments in various companies, people also trade in commodities at financial markets.Look back at 2006: oil dropped through the latter part of the year but stocks continued to climb.Trade Options on Energy Stocks (XOM, USO) With oil crashing, use options to hedge your long positions.