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Welcome to Oil Crude Price - a site devoted to bringing you the latest crude oil price per barrel including Brent crude oil price and WTI crude oil price.In the short run, psychology and entrenched beliefs can drive a market or the price of a commodity.

Then, over the last year, demand for oil in places like Europe, Asia, and the US began tapering off, thanks to weakening economies and new efficiency measures.The report found that the primary reason for the price increases was that the world economy had expanded at its fastest pace in decades, resulting in substantial increases in the demand for oil, while the oil production grew sluggishly, compounded by production shortfalls in oil-exporting countries.Further information: 1967 Oil Embargo, 1973 oil crisis, 1979 energy crisis, 1980s oil glut, and Oil price increase of 1990.

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The US and EU slapped oil sanctions on Iran and pinched its oil exports.A: Fools willing to pay high dollar for a gallon of gasoline.

Who is to blame for the staggering collapse of the price of oil.What we know about evidence of coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.Why the white middle class is dying faster, explained in 6 charts.Its properties and production site make it ideal for being refined in the United States, mostly in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions.

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But beneath the surface, many of those dynamics were rapidly shifting.The latest health care cut Republicans are weighing, explained.But that was all before oil prices started to plunge — a potentially precarious situation for the country.To understand this story, we first have to go back to the mid-2000s.Why oil prices keep falling — and throwing the world into turmoil.

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An oil barrel (abbreviated as bbl) is a unit of volume whose definition has not been universally standardized.Official monthly oil price, supply and demand discussion from OPEC.

If oil prices keep falling, the Iranian government may need to make up revenues elsewhere — say, by paring back domestic fuel subsidies (always an unpopular move, at least in the short term).

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The oil price crash is now upending the global economy, with ramifications for every country in the world.A lot of unused oil was simply being stockpiled away for later.By late 2014, world oil supply was on track to rise much higher than actual demand, as the chart below.Interactive charts of West Texas Intermediate (WTI or NYMEX) crude oil prices per barrel back to 1946.Crude Oil - Electronic Apr 2017. NMN:. Price of bitcoin plummets over threat that virtual currency will.

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Many factors affect the price of oil, but the two most powerful forces that cause frequent price changes are the simplest: supply and demand.Both domestic political instability in oil producing countries and conflicts with other countries can destabilise the oil price.

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So as the price of oil keeps falling, some US producers may become unprofitable and go out of business.This, combined with increasing demand, will significantly increase the worldwide prices of petroleum derived products.There are those who strongly believe that the market has undergone structural changes and that low oil prices are here to stay for a prolonged period.At the same time, countries like Indonesia and Iran have been cutting back on subsidies for fuel users.Ev en more significantly, oil demand in Asia and Europe suddenly began weakening — thanks to slowdowns in China and Germany.